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Welcome To Agile Labs

AgileLabs is the technology innovation group within Agile Soft Systems.

We have built next gen apps across various business needs.

As a company in the digital world when the technological landscape is highly complex and constantly evolving to meet the growing demands of the customers, you need to be agile, responsive, and scalable to achieve peak results and stay ahead of the competition.

Agile Labs Products

Trackwayz 1


TrackWayz generates business intelligence that gives companies the power to track asset in real time and eliminate inefficiencies in their daily operations.
ag restro


Restro is a Customer Experience platform which helps retailers to integrate various customer services so as to retain their customers.
ag trackbee


TrackBee is a Bluetooth Smart iPhone app. You attach BLE beacon (Bee) to anything you don’t want to misplace and TrackBee will locate your stuff. 

ag time tracker

Time Tracker

TimeTracker is paperless, cardless, reliable and secure tracking system.
IMG 0211 iphone6plus silver side2


Read news in a simple, intuitive way on mobile phone and share interesting news with your friends through social media, mails.
sales iphone6plus silver side2


SalesNxt is a platform which empower sales team to handle their day to day sales activity more efficiently.

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