• According to McKinsey, organizations who use Big Data to its fullest potential drastically increase their profit margins by more than 60%.
  • Bad data or poor quality of data costs US businesses $600 billion annually.
  • 73% of organizations have already invested or planned to invest in big data by 2016.

The traditional Data Warehouse solutions are going through a rapid evolution as applications and users rapidly produce unstructured data such as web logs, machine data, e-mails, multi-media, XML data, documents. Due to which existing RDMS systems are not able to scale and constantly require either a re-balancing, sharding, summary data.

Agile Soft Systems’ Complimentary Data Discovery & Migration Assessment, aims to provide a detailed analytical report on your current data warehouse infrastructure. It aims to empower you with the right information about your environment to help you make an informed and smart decision. It also helps you make a business case to leverage newer technologies which will enable you to remain competent in global market.

As a result of this exercise you will get a comprehensive view of your data warehouse. The activities that are part of the engagement are:

Data DiscoveryETL Processes EvaluationStrategy Formulation

We help you in

  • Identifying data spread across your infrastructure.
  • Examining various data sources.
  • Analyzing data cubes.
  • Estimating your data growth rate.

We help you document the

  • Complexity of applications.
  • Use cases that do not fit traditional RDBMS.

We help you

Optimally leverage your existing investments in existing Data Infrastructure. Additionally, we evaluate the viability of leveraging cutting edge technologies for cost effectively managing your Data Hub without compromising performance, availability and scalability. We help you leverage industry best practices.