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    Our PHP Development Services

    Our comprehensive talent pool of PHP programmers is full of a diverse skill set, whether it be fixing code or developing an enterprise-level web application. To keep your development team up to date, hire full-stack PHP developers knowledgeable in all PHP frameworks, such as Laravel, Symphony, and Codeigniter.

    PHP Application Development

    You can rely on our dependable PHP development skills to create PHP web portals, content management systems, or applications that are highly secure, responsive, robust, and performant. We are amongst the top PHP development companies in the US because of our skilled PHP programmers.

    PHP e-Commerce Development

    Magento, WooCommerce, PrestaShop, ZenCart, and OpenCart are just a few of the PHP e-Commerce platforms that our PHP developers are experts in. Hire top PHP developers who will adhere to PHP best practices for your e-Commerce platform to guarantee a seamless customer shopping experience.

    PHP Migration Services

    Hire top PHP developers to ensure a smooth conversion at a reasonable price if you wish to move your web applications from competing technologies like Java, .Net, and Python to a dynamic and resilient PHP platform.

    PHP Site Maintenance and support

    Hire custom applications developers that offer interactive site support and maintenance to stay up to date with current market trends. Our support and upkeep services are designed to protect your website and keep it competitive.

    PHP-Based CMS Development

    Our team of top PHP developers is an expert in PHP-based Content Management Systems, which are known for their usability. Build your own custom CMS by hiring our PHP programmers.

    PHP CRM Development

    Our expertise lies in crafting tailored CRM solutions that are customized to your specific business needs. We conduct a comprehensive requirement analysis and compare them with the available features of leading CRM software in the market. We offer both partial and complete custom development services to create a CRM system that precisely fits your requirements.

    Dedicated Remote PHP Developers

    Hire dedicated remote PHP developers from us to create your web applications using the newest tech stack. To provide web solutions that are speedy, scalable, and perform at their peak, our committed developers stay up to date with the most cutting-edge tools and technologies.

    PHP Integration & Upgradation

    Hire specialized PHP programmers who are skilled at not only creating unique PHP applications but also integrating and upgrading your current applications with PHP.
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    PHP Capabilities

    Hire our PHP developers to integrate PHP with the industry’s top front-end frameworks and databases to build out your entire application stack. Each of our PHP programmers is well-versed in integrating PHP with Angular, React, MongoDB, and other cutting-edge frameworks.

    Why Hire PHP Programmers from Agile Soft Systems Inc?

    Agile Soft Systems provides an opportunity to build applications that are future-proof with the help of PHP, a versatile programming language. You can expand your development team by hiring trusted, pre-vetted, and talented PHP web developers to create your dream team.
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    Bug-free Coding: Receive code generated by our skilled PHP developers that is clear and optimized.

    Quick & Agile: Our PHP team is committed to providing services that are completely satisfactory while developing quickly.

    Excellent Communication: The capacity to comprehend problems clearly, deconstruct them and offer a cogent solution.

    Dedicated Task Managers: Our PHP developers are trustworthy, uphold strict work ethics, and arrive on time for meetings.

    In-depth Knowledge: We possess thorough knowledge of all PHP-related frameworks and stay current with new technologies.

    Verified Industry Experience: Equipped with the necessary skills to work by client needs, well-trained and experienced to work in any industry.

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    The popularity of PHP is a logical outcome of its many benefits, all of which combine to make it a potent and successful programming tool. Here are the major benefits of PHP for your business:
    • Easy & Free Deployment
    • Improved Website Loading Speed
    • Wide Selection of Database
    • Excellent Compatibility with HTML
    • Compatible with Cloud Services
    Some of these technologies include HTML5, PHP, Python, CSS3, Ruby on Rails, and Ruby. It supports the command line interface and debuggers to make PHP app development simpler. PHP programmers can create and test web applications in the same environment.
    Excellent open-source IDEs for WordPress development on the Windows platform include Aptana, NetBeans, Eclipse, Visual Studio Code, Rapid PHP, CodeLobster, and Brackets. On these 3 IDEs, the online community also offers a lot of assistance. Sublime, Visual Coder and Notepad++ Editor are better options for WordPress development.
    The benefits of outsourcing web development may include cost savings, a shorter time to market, and easier access to top IT professionals. This list of benefits of outsourcing web development was put together based on our experience assisting our clients in bringing their projects to life.
    The PHP website development cost for a custom web portal might range from $200,000 to $600,000, depending on the project’s complexity and the experience level of the hired PHP web developer.
    As a developer using PHP, we follow certain guidelines to make sure development is quick and secure.
    • We only utilize the most recent stable release of PHP and ensure that all necessary security updates apply to your codebase.
    • We adhere to a consistent coding style and follow established coding standards, such as PSR-12, to improve code readability and maintainability.
    • We use a version control system, like Git, to manage your codebase and collaborate with other developers.
    • We employ security measures, such as input validation, output encoding, and password hashing, to prevent common security vulnerabilities like SQL injection and XSS attacks.
    • We write automated tests and adopt a continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) approach to ensure that your code is tested and deployed efficiently and effectively.
    You can hire PHP developers by choosing one of the following hiring models at your convenience:
    • Hourly
    • Fixed cost
    • Dedicated Team
    Using an outsourced PHP developer is a quick and easy way to get the engineering support you need to fulfill deadlines and expand your business. If you require a PHP Developer that can pivot quickly, hiring experts for discrete projects is a viable alternative.
    Our developers start with the development of the project within 1 day to 2 weeks after receiving the project requirements. But, it completely depends upon the requirements and complexity of the projects.