Banking Finance

Banking & Finance

In a highly regulated and competitive market, banks need every advantage to exceed customer expectations and differentiate. It is no longer enough to offer simple and automated Banking services. Every bank trying to capture market share leveraging new technologies for Digital transformation. Agile Soft Systems provides technology consulting and solutions to support banks as they work to attract new customers and increase automation levels.Our offerings available in consulting services for application development and third party product implementation support.
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Financial Advisors Mobility

We have provided mobility solution to boost productivity and improve the coordination of financial advisors and relationship managers. The interactive, customizable application gives mobile employees access to the critical sales, market and customer data they need to quickly respond to clients and make informed decisions. The solution design complies with Key Investor Information Documents and regulations.
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payment gateway

Payment integration

Cards & Payments have evolved across the globe and have come to increasingly rely on newer technologies and developing innovative methods to meet compliance requirements across the globe. Our Payments solutions has covered Retail payments, P2P, B2P. Our specialist teams have expertise in System Integration, implementing integrated solutions, testing etc.

Customer engagement with Social networks

Savvy businesses nowadays use social platform as one of the key input to understand and learn from customer comments. We have provided solution that analyzes data from social platforms Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other channels to assess real time prevailing sentiments towards brand, services and products. Our the solution has ability to conduct competitive analysis across the value chain and gather actionable consumer intelligence.
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Accounting Solutions

Build accounting solutions that smoothen daily operations with specialized reporting features such as ledger, trading, and profit loss statement, trial balance, balance sheets, debtors reports, creditors reports etc.