insurance min
Posted: August 2, 2022

Which Areas in Insurance will Technology Disrupt Next?

Insurance is still the old bastion where the ‘old boys club’ rules the roost and presides over t...

gi economy min
Posted: July 29, 2022

Gig Economy Challenges

The pandemic gave a boost to the gig economy with people realizing that you can work remotely. Gigs ...

gig economy min
Posted: July 21, 2022

Does the Gig Economy Work for Software Development?

In the new era of work dynamics, the gig economy plays a major role. We have seen Uber and other [&h...

bitcoin crpto min
Posted: July 14, 2022

Real or hype? Blockchain vs cryptocurrency

The crypto winter makes me wonder where we are in the blockchain hype cycle.Cryptocurrency may be in...

bitcoin min
Posted: July 5, 2022

I Cannot Eat Bitcoin!

I’m sharing my analysis of emerging tech and trends here on a weekly basis. As Co-founder and CEO ...

build min
Posted: June 30, 2022

To Build or Not to Build

As per Marc Andreessen, “Software is eating the world”. More importantly, the endeavor of buildi...

Code Once Build Twice min
Posted: June 21, 2022

Code Once Build Twice

There is endless debate on the merits or lack thereof of using cross platform frameworks for generat...

bleak tech market min
Posted: June 18, 2022

The Silver Lining to a Bleak Tech Market

During the pandemic, there was an unprecedented demand for tech talent. After a dream period for tec...

Scaling Up min
Posted: June 8, 2022

Scaling Up: Processes & Tools

This is the concluding part of a mini-series on scaling a small services-based company to the next l...

Nagpur min
Posted: June 3, 2022

Agile Soft Systems Opens Office in Nagpur, India

Silicon Valley based Agile Soft Systems opens a new office in Nagpur, India. This is the expanding c...

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Posted: June 2, 2022

Eye on Emerging Tech: Hyperautomation Through Event Driven Architecture

Gartner expects the worldwide market for technology that enables hyperautomation will reach $596.6 b...

Scaling Up min
Posted: May 26, 2022

Scaling Up-A Good Match

This is the second part of a mini-series on scaling a small services-based company to the next level...