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Revolutionize the insurance industry with our powerful custom software solutions. Our InsurTech solutions streamline processes, boost efficiency, and take customer experience to the next level.

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With our cutting-edge InsurTech software and application development services, we can rapidly develop disruptive software or apps and update matured products without compromising on quality. We prioritize high velocity and ensure that our solutions meet the highest standards of excellence.
Streamline your claims process with advanced features such as ICD-10 compliance, EDI solutions, auto-adjudication, and workflow efficiencies.
Seamless integration of an Omnichannel CRM for insurance agents and brokers to organize prospects, track business opportunities, and automate tasks.
Automating policy administration by leveraging advanced technology and streamlining the processes involved in managing insurance policies.
Accelerate paperwork processes and enhance document security through advanced custom logic integration.
Develops highly powerful end-to-end workflow systems that rapidly optimize your business operations and processes.
Custom insurance quoting software with risk assessment tools, premium calculators, and multi-carrier integration to drive sales and marketing.
Boost efficiency with our customizable underwriting software. Automate policy issuance, meet regulations and enhance user experience.
Specializing in payment reconciliation for multiple digital payment gateways, partners, and touchpoints. Trust us for seamless accounting processes.
Advanced claims tracking reports with predictive modeling to detect fraud, analyze consumer behavior, and optimize decision-making.
Optimize critical insurance processes with custom feature integration in your Insurance Management Software to boost sales, underwriting, and claims.

Get More out of InsureTech

InsureTech is the next frontier of Insurance Innovation. Beyond Features and Functionality, True Leaders Forge the Path to a Better Future.Transform Your InsurTech Strategy into Reality with Agile Soft Systems – Let’s Bring Your Vision to Life!

Why Hire Agile Soft Systems’ Insurance Experts?

We leverage our expertise to empower clients in the insurance sector with simplified and intuitive insurance experiences.

Security and regulations

We offer secure and compliant end-to-end solutions for insurance companies.

Massive fintech experience

Our extensive fintech experience and expertise in the insurance industry enable us to bring valuable knowledge and insights to our clients.

Faster speed to market

Our agile development approach delivers quality solutions faster, helping you beat competitors to the market.

Knowledge of insurance markets

Our insurance experts offer strategic guidance on leveraging tech for growth and improved customer experiences.

Proficiency with microservices

Our experts design and develop scalable, flexible, and efficient microservices for resilient and adaptable systems.

Digital transformation by 100x

Accelerate your digital transformation with proven project delivery and cloud-based, scalable systems.

Did you know?

85% of customer decisions in the insurance industry are impacted by customer experiences.

Improve your customer experience and increase customer loyalty today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Insurtech refers to the use of technology to disrupt and innovate the traditional insurance industry, to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and deliver better experiences for customers. This can involve the use of artificial intelligence, blockchain, mobile apps, and other emerging technologies to transform various aspects of insurance, from underwriting and claims processing to customer engagement and risk management.
Insurtech is the future of insurance because it offers the potential to radically transform the industry through the use of cutting-edge technology. This can enable insurers to offer more personalized, efficient, and cost-effective products and services that better meet the needs of customers in today’s digital world.
Agile Soft Systems leverages a range of emerging technologies to help insurance companies transform their operations and better serve their customers. These include cloud computing, artificial intelligence, blockchain, machine learning, and microservices architecture, all of which can help drive innovation, reduce costs, and improve the overall customer experience in the insurance industry.
The insurance industry is undergoing a major transformation thanks to InsurTech, which uses AI, IoT, and big data to revolutionize the way insurance works. At Agile Soft Systems, we’re leading the way in this exciting new field, helping our customers take advantage of the latest technology to get the best insurance coverage possible. Go through a few of our Customer Stories for more information.
InsurTech is revolutionizing the insurance industry by using innovative technology to provide better and more affordable insurance options to customers. Agile Soft Systems is a leading provider of InsurTech services that can help you take advantage of this exciting new trend. Contact us today to see how we can help you get the best insurance coverage for your needs!
As businesses face ever-evolving risks and challenges, the need for smarter and more efficient insurance solutions becomes increasingly apparent. That’s where insurtech in business insurance comes in, offering a range of innovative technologies to streamline policy management, improve underwriting accuracy, and enhance customer experiences. With AI, machine learning, and data analytics, insurtech is helping businesses stay ahead of the game, manage risks more effectively, and drive operational efficiency like never before.
Insurtech is better than traditional insurance because it leverages cutting-edge technology to deliver more efficient and personalized services to customers, while also reducing costs and increasing accessibility. This allows insurers to stay competitive in today’s digital world and better meet the evolving needs of their customers.