Our expertise in the online publishing business: affiliated with an academic library, a first-class research institution, and partner and colleague to scholarly societies who value the high quality and content of their journals, books and other materials. By working with us, publishers gain the economies of scale and networking opportunities of working collaboratively in their business technology. Our e-publication solutions provide strategic growth by Maximizing efficiency and Reducing technology failure which boost business effectiveness.

Data Analytics & Reporting

Understanding what is helping or hurting impact and what resonates with researchers are the most persistent challenges facing scholarly publishers. Feedback from citation monitoring tools is slow, often lagging up to three years behind publication, and it is difficult to interpret. Publishers and editors are left with very little data to rely upon when assessing the immediate needs of the research community and rely on old data when making business and editorial decisions. we solves these challenge by providing early insight into impact with using our BigData & Analytics tools so that publishers can make evidence-based business and editorial decisions. We provide different reporting & visualization tool, which makes life easier for decision maker.

    WorkFlow Management

    The inventory you sell/distribute needs a booking platform that is seamlessly integrated with the inventory management system, third party systems, manages business rules effectively and enhances the booking experience.