We support healthcare organizations through smarter operations and enable them to accelerate their innovation agenda, achieve their strategic goals of increasing market strength, improving the quality of care while making healthcare affordable and accessible.
Application Maintainance

Application Development, Maintenance

We design, define, and build reliable, secure, and scalable applications across technologies and platforms including Java, .NET, and other niche technologies, through industry standards devlopement methods (Agile, SDLC).

We also offer application management, maintenance, enhancement, and support services to help you get the best out of your existing IT applications.

Our ITIL framework-based end-to-end management and support services for applications, middleware platforms, and technologies ensure disruption-free operations. Next-generation tools and platforms like virtual operations, application management, and user workbench enable us to improve productivity, and reduce cost of operations.

Application Maintainance
Mobile Development

Mobility Solutions

We offer a range of services to help healthcare organizations accelerate mobile adoption to become more connected with consumers, and optimize reach and service delivery.

Envisioning services – mobility architecture, user experience, and security.

Technology services – mobile design and development, mobile testing, mobile device management

QA and development

QA & Testing

To ensure reliability, availability and stability of applications, enterprises must focus on quality assurance. To achieve this, they need to build dedicated quality teams. AGSFT Testing solution is a robust framework that enables enterprises to establish strong quality processes. It comprises strategic assets (people, process and technology) tied together to realize the vision of a centralized quality organization. The framework leverages tools, techniques and methodologies to deliver near-zero-defect applications to clients.
QA and development
Data integration and Warehouse management

Data Integration and Data Management

Data integration from disparate systems – clinical, financial and ancillary systems.

Data integration (e.g. EAI, ESB) and enterprise data storage (e.g. big data, cloud), while maintaining data security, integrity, and confidentiality by leveraging new technologies.

Master data management, data quality and data governance framework.