Digital Advertisement is become a core part of marketing strategy for companies. The future of advertising is about delivering ads to specific people and driving predictable business outcomes(sales) and ROI. Agile Soft Systems, with in-depth knowledge in AdTech, helps our AdTech partners to build cutting edge solutions using BigData and machine learning technologies.

Demand Side Platform(DSP)

A demand-side platform is a software based platform that provides technology for media buyers to purchase ad placements, typically via bids in ad exchanges’ real-time auctions. Agile Soft System team is proficient in building different blocks of DSP system.
Demand Side Platform
Inventory Forecasting Management System

Inventory Forecasting

The highest yielding campaigns typically require a volume guarantee. Having good inventory forecast solution provides confidence to campaign manager for committing to delivering campaign volumes and timeline. We have helped our clients to build scalable and flexible Inventory Forecasting solutions based on Apache Spark and NoSQL databases.

Reconciliation and Validation

With vast amount of data and many fraudulent/bad inventory available in market, data reconciliation and validation is a big challenge for AdTech industry. Agile Soft System with its past knowledge and expert consultant knows how to integrate data with Data Management Platforms and publish accurate reports for the campaigns.
Reconciliation and Validation2
Campaign Analytics

Campaign Analytics

Speed is one of the key things in Digital Advertisement campaign. More quickly you get insights of ad campaign, faster the campaign managers can take action to achieve budget goals.