Automated Credit Card Payments

The continuous development and implementation of FinTech, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data mining technology has led to rapid expansion of international credit and debit card services, covering a wider range of industries and business needs. We at AgileSoft Systems have built solutions for the industry leaders by combining our industry subject matter expertise with inhouse technology capabilities.
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Feature List for Automated card payment solution –
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Batch runs and Chargebacks

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Deliver a superior customer experience with automation and accurate management of Chargebacks and Batch runs –

PDF Receipts

Agilesoft Systems pays keen attention to enhancing business performance through innovation. API based PDF generation allows automated billing, invoicing, bank notes delivery, statement processing and other operations.
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Essential Documents PDF generation automation
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Payment Reports

AgileSoft Systems Automating and Streamlining Your Payment Reporting, Statistics & Consolidation
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Professional Reports with Drag-and-Drop Simplicity:
Dynamic, parameter-driven reports that executives and department heads can run on-demand in a web portal at any time and from anywhere with just an internet connection and a web-browser and even on mobile apps.

Make Better Decisions Through Collaborative Reporting
Develop collaborative functionality, allowing your managers to be alerted of major discrepancies, quick access and analyze reports that reveal business issues or opportunities, and add questions or commentary directly with the reports to share new insights.

Currency Conversion
Create daily or monthly rates for currency conversion to present your reports in any currency, including side-by-side currency comparisons and results of budget-to-actual exchange rate effects.

Ad Hoc Reporting
Allow your users to create an on-the-fly ad hoc report, without having to rely on other teams for assistance.