We offer full-cycle platform development & enhancements for merging business processes with the goal of achieving protracted, sustainable market success. We leverage our reliable domain knowledge and exceptional development skills to create functional Insurance (Quote, Bind, Underwrite, Renew, Claims, Reporting, Analytics) and Agent products that bolster core insurance processes from policy administration and claims management. Robust, agile development methodology allows us to design, develop, test and put better products to market faster.

We design and implement Insurance Technology Systems for today’s world that help Insurers stay relevant and competitive with scalable, reliable, and collaborative core insurance products. We upgrade legacy systems and processes to meet changing insurance landscape complexities and Customer expectations.

Platform Modernization

We create personalized web portals to refine legacy systems with the Insurers’ short- and long-term goals in mind. Our services marry existing and concept, Customer-facing technology with Insurer goals while continually reinventing core systems that annihilate competition and push the insurance domain’s boundaries. We offer unmatched platform modernization through advanced automation, claims processing improvement, using cutting edge technologies for industry progress through collaborative, transformative, secure, and efficient Insurance technology solutions.

Enterprise and Third-Party Integrations

We leverage actionable insurance data in insurance product development and integration of insurance software with industry-related systems in the documentation, mailings, payment solutions, risk checks, credit checks, regulatory reporting, accounting, brokerage, Client feedback, and data validation. We also handle integration with other insurance support systems, including Data centers, Network management, Helpdesks, Hosting & Bandwidth providers.

P&C Underwriting Solutions

Stay up to date with refined and benchmarked suggestions to improve your underwriting process, claims processing, policy handling and enjoy reduced turnaround times, cost-savings, Customer-centric technology improvements. Get expert advice aligned with changing insurance technology landscape and regulatory guidelines.

Claims Automation: Back-Office Modernization

Eliminating tiresome, repetitive, and labor-intensive mundane tasks for faster, efficient, and productive automated claims handling solutions that make insurance processing less of a chore. Experience the seamless performance of claims processing systems that reduce turnaround times and improve accuracy and delivery.

Agent’s Workflow Automation: Back-Office Modernization

Transform your workflow and teams with tested and proven core insurance systems that allow you to monitor performance and manage your teams, all the while improving your service delivery, claims handling, and payout processing. Expand your catalog and manage everything all in one place.

Web and Mobile Apps: Back-Office Modernization

Design, integration, and support for web and mobile applications created for the Insurer team and Customers. We bring decades of combined experience in impressive UI/UX design, cross-platform application development, functionality testing, and application support.

Automation Testing for Insurtech Platforms

A committed team of certified testers conducting customized and robust software testing across the insurance services domain from security, scalability, accuracy, integration, and performance. Expect a comprehensive Insurance system testing that leaves no flank unguarded.

All-in-one testing comprises automated scripts and predefined frameworks that accelerate testing times, cut costs, improve quality and increase test reliability. All our tests are carried out by our in-house certified experts in insurance software development, product integration and support, and insurance cloud technology. We use industry standard tools in addition to tools built by specific to the Insurance industry.

Performance Testing for Insurtech Platforms

Comprehensive and regulatory load, stress, scalability, endurance, and reliability testing for insurance systems. We cover systems designed for multiple and specific P&C, Life, Health, Pensions & Re-insurance applications while benchmarking with state, federal, and approved third-party guidelines.

Data-Centric Testing for Insurtech Platforms

We rely on secure data manipulation, migration, and mining to advise on application development through insights on underwriting and insurance claims processing. We utilize extensive data warehousing technology to advance the performance, speed, encryption, and BI testing for core insurance systems while retesting new datasets as they are collected.

Security Testing for Insurtech Platforms

Reliable and thorough risk analysis, design testing, application security, network penetration, and cloud management testing for immediate and projected risks from external or immediate fronts. Our full-cycle testing covers every step from product concept to support during operation with periodic updates and functionality improvements.