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Our Hospitality Practice delivers business aligned, software solutions and services to the hospitality industry. Hospitality sector is highly competitive and dynamic. Technology is not a choice but a key part of your differentiator and success. With the fast changing landscape of technology, new business opportunities emerge. Whether your challenge is about collaborating and sharing resource skill set on different verticals, or increasing direct bookings via mobiles/websites or integrating disparate systems or enabling IoT with your travel experience or keeping pace with the continuous need of content updates on your website, we are here to help.

Content Management

Whether it is Marketing, Sales, Intranet Applications or Guest Centric Applications, the needs of managing of different kind, providing an access control as well as applying content strategies all rely on CMS tools. We have a wide experience in various CMS tools and building applications that perform various content syndication activities.
Content Management
Reservation Systems 1

Reservation Systems

The inventory you sell/distribute needs a booking platform that is seamlessly integrated with the inventory management system, third party systems, manages business rules effectively and enhances the booking experience.

Social Networking platform

We offer a business oriented social networking service, where different verticals from hospitality industry are focused solely on interactions and relationships of a business nature. Platform where people either find work or get ahead in career as well as gain resources and opportunities for networking. Complete end to end solution, similar to LinkedIn, but built considering the requirement very specific to hospitality industry.
Social Networking platform
IoT enabled services products

IoT enabled services & products

Hospitality is an industry that can greatly benefit from the coming together of IoT and digital transformation. The Internet of Things (IoT) is a relatively large topic that is widely circulating around these days, but we think it is very important to point out its practical implementations i.e connected mini bars that feature removal sensors for auto-charging guests, and smart suitcases that can be tracked and monitored. We as IoT centric company, offers multiple products and services which enables hotel and travel companies to realize increased operational efficiency and more personalized guest experience.