Energy Utility

Energy Utility

Energy Utility

We enable your data requirements across the entire Energy Value Chain. Whether you need to ingest enormous amounts of data as batches or streaming every day, minute or second, we offer instant and real-time access with limitless storage and computing power. We also help you to uncover the hidden the value of your data by correlating and analysing the data with a diversity of other data sources.

We makes it easy to trim your energy bill with real-time energy monitoring and customised tips for reducing energy usage. With our real-time energy tracking experience, we dig deep into consumer energy data to find their energy waste and then help them figure out how to stop wasting energy. We have provided energy data, solar data, or utility bill available on the go directly in the mobile application. This gives consumer a clear view into what’s going on in their home and how the appliances/electronics are performing. Efficiently? Malfunctioning? Fire hazard? The mobile app also helps consumer to make financial decisions by predicting their upcoming electricity bill and by identifying which types of appliances or behaviours can be improved to help you save money.

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We are always evolving. We are constantly figuring out new insights we can gleam from consumer energy data and sharing those insights with customers. Your data comes from your utility. We collect your daily energy use data from your utility via Green Button Data, Energy Service Provider Interface (ESPI) energy usage information exchange standard. Delivers your energy use data to your phone as soon as the utility releases it, typically 24 hours later.

We guarantee the consumer’s privacy! The Green Button standard requires there is no (Personal Identifiable Information) PII contained within the data, only measured interval usage information. We provide solution on same principle, encrypts all client-server and inter-server communication using a SHA256 encryption key. All passwords are either encrypted or hashed when stored in our cloud. Whenever we pass your energy data, personal information, or energy insights we ensure that no one can snoop in on our communications. Our solutions take energy understanding to a whole new level by allowing consumers to compare energy usage over extended periods of time. We also highlight innovative ways to save money on your utility bill.


We provided the solutions, where consumers can download their consumed data over a period of time. “Green Button Download My Data” provides downloadable energy data that complies with the Green Button standard ensuring a consistent data format from all energy provider websites.
We have developed an automated technique to access consumer energy information while providing consumers security. Applications gain authorisation from consumers using the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) OAuth 2.0 Authorisation Framework standards [RFC6749] and [RFC6750]. We implemented this where consumer provides authorisation using a web-page. This results in the application gaining access to the consumer’s energy data without the consumer having to provide the use-rid and password they use to access their energy provider’s website. Once this authorisation is granted, the application is able to automatically retrieve the consumer’s energy data without any further involvement of the consumer. CMD greatly simplifies and drastically improves the ability for applications to retrieve and analyse energy data beyond the capabilities of the DMD process.
We provided the real-time energy tracking solution, where individuals can see energy usage at all times, and provide energy saving tips. Many notifications/alerts are integrated in system, that enables end customer to take necessary action as needed.
Many reports are provided, based on consumers preference using our BigData technology stack. Reports are emailed or displayed a required.