Using QA Automation for Scale and cost effectiveness – Part 2

In our previous blog: Using QA Automation for Scale and cost effectiveness , we discussed the necessity of employing QA Automation to efficiently deliver on the Customer’s needs of on-time delivery while maintaining quality and scale. QA Automation can also keep the costs down while testing for customized development with quick time to market.

Automated QA testing can bring cost-effectiveness to the development project by:

  • Reducing Regression testing cycle time
  • Provides quicker feedback to the development team
  • The developed customization is tested efficiently by testing what is essential for delivery
  • Requirements can be built into automated tests to lower costly human errors
  • Employing on-demand testing methodologies as needed by customizations

Furthermore, a cloud-based environment or employing dedicated, existing on-premise automated testing environment, helps in delivering quicker QA feedback. That means lower project overhead.

Utilizing the right tools, frameworks, and test environments will further optimize the test cycle time.

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