Solar and Renewable Energy providers are in constant need of new and accurate customer usage data to identify right target market and build their sales and products strategies around the customer needs and usage patterns.

Energy and Utility distributing companies are the primary Data Custodians of this huge customer usage information. In order to access this information, Third Party Solar Energy Providers are required to have a ‘CMD’ platform that can connect with the open APIs of the ‘DMD’ platform published by the Data Custodians.

AgileSoft helps you connect to the Data Custodians’ massive customer usage data by building state-of-the-art solutions that convert this highly complex data into an easy to understand customer usage and behaviour model. Multiple market studies suggest that Solar Businesses are accelerating their new customer acquisition with the increasing awareness of renewable energy and the use of advance information technology.

What We DoConnect My Data (CMD)Expertise

‘Connect My Data’ & ‘Download My Data’ Platforms

AgileSoft has assisted 3rd party Solar companies and Energy Utility providers to have their own custom built Data Sharing Platform that has helped numerous of our clients strategizing the business models and acquire new customers faster.

Connect My Data (CMD)

Get instant access to millions of customers’ energy usage data from Data Custodians to intelligently analyse and to predict the energy usage by customers and build your Sales and Marketing strategies accurate with the market needs.
‘Connect My Data’ solutions that comply to the Green Button Alliance guidelines and protocols.


Having years of experience of working with leading Solar Energy providers in USA , AgileSoft has acquired strong expertise and understanding of the Energy Regulatory boards’ guidelines and how Solar companies can benefit from the open APIs of Data Custodians by simply developing the ‘Connect My Data’ and ‘Download My Data’ solutions.

  • Strong Team of Software Engineers and Software Architects with expertise in building Energy Data Management solutions.
  • 150+ IT solutions designed, developed and deployed each year in various industry sectors and domains.
  • Support and Maintenance for ‘CMD’ and ‘DMD’ platforms across the nation.