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Our US based Client provides cutting edge digital publishing solutions to the academic, medical and scholarly community. The Client is the premier, independent, technology partner to over 145 influential academic, medical, scholarly societies, and other independent publishers. The Client shares ideas and innovations in online publishing, producing thousands of high-impact, peer-reviewed journals, books, reference works, and other scholarly content. The Client needed to build a sophisticated, combined, journal/eBook product. A key building case of the strategy required greater scale and speed to market, as well as proven, flexible technology.


Agile Soft System was tasked to scale the QA effort for a strategic project in short period time, by automation, functional and load testing.


In reference to the Customer’s request and keeping in view the need for continuous improvements to existing platform, following were identified as some key business challenges for the QA/Testing phase.


The design template incorporated improvements to publication Menus, Footer, Branding Zones, and other links. These improvements to the framework needed new development and detailed testing.
Testing scope was strategically (deliberately) limited for some modules. These modules had features and notifications, which had default setting and site-specific configuration options. QA customized for the configuration options where different individuals that receive these notifications were defined.
Verification was done for all the Notifications, which are sent as a result for different testing modules. Agile Soft Systems’ QA team got the solution in the following way:

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