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Agile Soft Systems is your one-stop solution to hire Magento developers for customized eCommerce solutions. Our certified developers deliver high-performance customizations to meet your business requirements.
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    Our Magento Development Services

    Agile Soft Systems as a leading magento development company will assist you in achieving cutting-edge eCommerce websites for your business. We provide specialized Magento services that are customized for your business only.

    Custom Magento eCommerce Development

    We create robust eCommerce stores using Magento’s features and APIs/modules from businesses for different industry vehicles. Additionally, we take on unfinished projects and add search and user-friendly features.

    Magento Theme Development

    We as a Magento development agency can understand our customers’ needs and create themes that specifically relate with them. We use various technologies to create bespoke business themes based on their needs.

    Magento Extension Development

    Our Magento 3 web developers are experts in developing new extensions to meet the project’s specific requirements. We can configure, fix, and improve the existing extensions per the project’s demand.

    Magento Third-Party Integration

    Payment, social networking, shipping, and multi-vendor gateway APIs are all accessible for connection with Magento. We use these APIs to integrate premium, dependable third-party functionality into your online stores.

    Magento 1 to Magento 2.x Migration

    Every eCommerce business wants to have a secure migration process with zero downtime. Experts at Agile Soft Systems are qualified to migrate your eCommerce store from Migration 1 to Migration 2.x while ensuring its safety, security, and robustness.

    Maintenance & Support

    We provide ongoing software maintenance and support services for eCommerce stores and make sure the URL structure doesn’t change. We guarantee that when you engage Magento developers from us to migrate to your store, they will improve the functionality and look while maintaining the database.

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    Magento Capabilities

    Our team of remote Magento developers has extensive experience in creating, implementing, and testing eCommerce projects using the latest trends and technologies in the industry. Here are some examples of our technical expertise.

    Why To Hire Magento Experts from Agile Soft Systems Inc?

    Experts advise companies to outsource their project’s development to ensure outcomes and speedy Magento development. A premier provider of such resources for specialized and high-end solutions is Agile Soft Systems.
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    50+ Magento Projects: We have delivered 50+ Magento projects in the US and all over the globe to date.

    Robust & Scalable Solutions: We adopt advanced technologies and the latest tools to deliver highly scalable solutions.

    Reliable & Transparent Services: Our in-house Magento development team follows strict NDAs and provides daily reporting to maintain transparency.

    AI-driven Workflow: With the AI-driven workflow, we ensure to serve our clients efficiently and effectively.

    Client’s trust: High-quality project delivery is why most of our clients rated us 4 out of 5 and still consistently leverage our Magento development services.

    Aligned Project Management: Agile Soft Systems keeps you away from complicated project management issues. Our dedicated managers help to keep the SDLC smooth and straightforward.

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    Magento is an open-source and powerful CMS solution, especially for an eCommerce store. It gives merchants a command over their online stores’ presentation, content, and features.

    Magento 3 allows you to manage many stores from a single admin panel to save time and effort. In addition to its international support, shipping, and order administration capabilities, it also supports multiple languages and currencies. Here are some of the features of Magento that make it popular:

    • Design Capabilities For the Best UX
    • Integrate it With a CRM
    • Great for Marketing!
    • Great Speed AND Scalability
    • Magento Supports Mobile Commerce
    • Search Engine Optimization
    Payment gateways, marketing automation, shipping providers, and tag management tools are some of the many third-party programs and plug-ins that may be readily integrated with Magento to improve your online shop’s performance.
    Here are the benefits of outsourcing Magento development services:
    • Better Project Outcomes
    • Enhance turnaround time
    • Durability and Continuity
    • Access to experience and expertise
    • Certified Magento Developers
    Shopify and Magento 3 are two of the most well-known e-commerce platforms available, each with its own set of pros and cons. Magento’s adaptability and customization options make it an excellent platform for large-scale and sophisticated e-commerce initiatives. However, Shopify is a better option for small and medium-sized enterprises due to its intuitive interface and low learning curve. Magento and Shopify are two popular e-commerce platforms, but which one is better for your company will ultimately rely on your unique requirements and objectives.
    Many factors, like the developer’s level of expertise, the developer’s location, and the project’s complexity, affect the price tag associated with hiring a Magento developer. Typical hourly pay for a Magento developer is between $50 and $150. Some very skilled Magento developers, however, may want considerably more.
    Our developers start with the development of the project within 1 day to 2 weeks after receiving the project requirements. But, it completely depends upon the requirements and complexity of the projects.