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Fast, reliable graph database management system with high relational compatibility.

Agile Soft Systems is the premier integration partner of Bitnine’s AgensGraph, a fastest growing graph DB (GDB)

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Everything is connected — from protein network to electrical grid, AgensGraph is driving industries to explore new opportunities with its fast, reliable performance and high compatibility with legacy relational systems. Connect your data to surpass the landscape you’ve ever seen; discover relationships, create values.
Fast, Always-On, and Extensive

Enterprise Graph Database

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AgensGraph releases an unmatched performance on complex/iterative join operations to that of traditional relational databases. Its lightening-fast graph traversing and hybrid query support enable you to instantly retrieve complex relationships and calculate stats.
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AgensGraph is ACID compliant and offers trigger-based logical replication with high availability tools (Stolen, repmgr) for your stability. It is also armed with optimization tools for the efficient managing of the execution plan to make sure of the reliable operation.
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AgensGraph supports most PostgreSQL extensions including foreign data wrappers, text searching, security, and spatial modules for all-purpose availability. Its high compatibility with legacy systems enables data management in an accustomed environment (Python/JDBC).

AgensGraph vs. NoSQL

AgensGraph is an enterprise graph database management system which stores and manages various types of data including relational data in your legacy system.

This suggests you would solve ‘many’ issues with AgensGraph, and here we mean ‘much more’ than other NoSQL

Graph Model Relational Model Document Model Key-Value Store Model
AgensGraph check black check black check black check black
ArangoDB check black check black check black
CouchBase check black check black
Dedicated Neo4j check black
OrientDB check black check black check black
CosmosDB check black check black check black
Neptune check black



AgensGraph Enterprise Edition provides core capabilities for enterprises to stay tuned to the stable and efficient data management along with all features of Community Edition. This includes monitoring, memory optimization, High Availability, enhanced user environment, and many others including professional support that all assure your business always-on and always-able.


We provide support by Agens support portal, e-mail and on-site for our customers who purchased AgensGraph Enterprise Edition with our commercial license.

There are several grades in terms of our license agreement, and the range and the level of services
we provide to our customers are different upon the contract contents they have.

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