Enable Digital workflow in your organization with an Automated Time Tracking system

If you strive for a chaos‑free attendance system, TimeT is meant just for you! Thousands of the greatest managers already use it every day.

Replace expensive hardware, paper time cards, and error-prone manual systems with pinpoint accurate & automated time tracking systems. Leverage your employees the flexibility in this new normal to log their daily hours, apply for time off, and much more from their mobile – from the office to the home, to the coffee shop, and anywhere in between.

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Time Tracker

Time Tracker is an Insightful time and attendance software that gives you a real-time view of when your employees are present and when they are on leave. No matter where in the world they are. It allows the enterprise users to register, log in, clock in & out time by scanning QR codes within proximity of Bluetooth Smart beacon, and view historic login/logout data through their mobile device. A Bluetooth beacon enables the system to repeatedly and securely transmit a continuous radio signal that other devices can see.

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Effortlessly Track Time and Attendance from Anywhere

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Invite Employees to download the app & register with your business mail
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Click In/Out Employees will scan the unique QR code to clock in and out
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Log Work Employees can log their daily work to streamline with their managers
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Reporting Empower managers to track attendance & work of their team members.
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Automate Attendance Tracking System

Adopt a new way to track, monitor, and record your staff’s attendance. Use readily available employee attendance management tool TimeT to automate and simplify your organization’s attendance management system.
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Mobile Friendly Timesheet Application

Download TimeT mobile app to easily capture time on the go. Our mobile app empowers employees to clock in & clock out and managers can track & approve attendance from anywhere in the world. The app is available for both iPhone and Android devices.

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Request and Track Time Off

Request for time off and leave directly from the TimeT mobile app. Employees and managers can also track your leaves requests status such as pending, approved, or rejected status.

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Request for Daily Hour Correction

Out of a busy office schedule, if your employees forget to log hours. There is nothing to worry. You can request a time correction for the past days that will be approved or rejected by their managers.
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Check your Employee’s Real Time Productivity

Managers can fetch monthly employee reports for their productive time. They can approve or reject the requested daily time. They can also approve/reject the requested leaves.

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Automate Salary Calculation

Make the Salary calculation effortless; With the help of working hours and rate details. TimeT provides you with a clear picture of your employees’ attendance to calculate the payrolls at the end of every month.

How does it work?

With Time Tracker, you can easily track the hour log of the workday for current or previous months.
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Download the app for Android or iPhone.

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Register yourself and your device

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Mark your presence by easily scanning the QR code from device camera

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Get fast Announcements on the App from Administration

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