AgileSoft Datalink API For Aqua Door

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AquaDoor (not their actual name) is a global leader in the manufacture and management of hard drives with revenue more than $1Billion per year. To aptly serve their customers, they are on the lookout for drive health data of their hard drives so that they can build warranty/replacement add-on features for their hardware segment.
AquaDoor recently integrated the DataLink API (built by AgileSoft) into their platform to pull in hard drive health data of AquaDoor’s hard drive on the Predictive Analytics platform built by AgileSoft. The API allows AquaDoor to access the hard drive health data without any information about the User. This is the first phase of implementation.

API Selection

AquaDoor chose to use the DataLink API after examining it for a few key criteria:

(1) the API would provide a secure mechanism without customer identification data,
(2) AquaDoor would receive a standard, structured response from the API whenever performing a query,
(3) when updates are made to underlying predictive analysis platform, it would have no impact on their ability to retrieve data as long as the API was consistent.


AquaDoor gained access to the DataLink API Portal, where they registered an account, provided basic application info (logo, redirect URL, description, etc.), and received a Client ID and API key in return. Using that information, the AquaDoor development team quickly implemented the API on a test server and then rolled it out to production. The implementation was completed in five days.

AquaDoor Experience: Seamless Sign In

Script initiation of the connection, handshake with authentication with a listener.

AquaDoor Experience: Update Success

AquaDoor Experience: Update Success

AquaDoor Experience: Account Details

Once the quick setup is completed, data is pulled into the AquaDoor with time stamps.


In order to fully test out the experience of using an API from the API Portal, AquaDoor worked closely with the AGSFT team throughout the implementation process and promptly resolved any issues that surfaced.