Maximize Client's Business Potential with Datalink API: An Interactive Walkthrough

Case Study at a Glance:

  • Industry: Leading Global Manufacturer
  • Company: Under NDA
  • Company Size: 200+ employees
  • Site: Under NDA

The Client

AquaDoor (a pseudonym) is a leading global manufacturer and manager of hard drives, generating revenue of over $1 billion annually. To enhance their customer service, they sought access to drive health data of their hard drives to create warranty and replacement add-on features for their hardware segment. To achieve this, AquaDoor integrated AgileSoft's DataLink API into their platform, enabling the Predictive Analytics platform to collect the hard drive health data. The API allows AquaDoor to access the data without any user information. This marks the initial implementation phase.

The Ask

AquaDoor needed a solution that could deliver timely and accurate data, without placing a burden on their development team's resources. After careful evaluation, they determined that the DataLink API built by AgileSoft met all their requirements. Here are the key highlights of the requirements of the client:

  • AquaDoor required drive health data of their hard drives to predict failures in advance.
  • They needed a predictive analytics platform that could monitor hard drive health data and predict failures in advance.
  • The system needed to provide easy access to hard drive health data.
  • The solution needed to ensure data privacy and security.

Key Product Parameters for System Improvements

After evaluating the DataLink API against several essential criteria, AquaDoor ultimately opted to leverage the API's capabilities:

  • The API would provide a secure mechanism without customer identification data.
  • AquaDoor would receive a standard, structured response from the API whenever performing a query.
  • When updates are made to the underlying predictive analysis platform, it would have no impact on their ability to retrieve data as long as the API was consistent.
  • Hard drive health data needed to be easily accessible and secure.
  • The predictive analytics platform needed to be capable of monitoring hard drive health data and predicting failures in advance.
  • The solution needed to be scalable to handle the high volume of data generated by AquaDoor's hard drives.

Our Solution

  • AgileSoft proposed a solution that involved integrating the DataLink API into AquaDoor's platform.
  • The API was built to pull in hard drive health data of AquaDoor's hard drives on the Predictive Analytics platform.
  • The API allowed AquaDoor to access the hard drive health data without any information about the user.
  • The API was built on RESTful architecture and used OAuth 2.0 authorization for secure authentication.
  • The Predictive Analytics platform was built using Python, and it utilized machine learning algorithms to predict hard drive failures in advance.
  • The solution was designed to be scalable and modular.

Solution Software & Application

Solution Software & Application-min Upon registering an account with the DataLink API Portal, AquaDoor provided basic application information, including their logo, redirect URL, and description, and in return, received a Client ID and API key. Leveraging this information, the AquaDoor development team efficiently integrated the API onto a test server and subsequently deployed it to production, completing the implementation process within just five days.

Seamless Sign In
Script initiation of the connection, handshake with authentication with a listener.

Account Details
Once the quick setup is completed, data is pulled into the AquaDoor with time stamps.

To fully test out the experience of using an API from the API Portal, AquaDoor worked closely with the AGSFT team throughout the implementation process and promptly resolved any issues that surfaced.


  • AquaDoor successfully integrated AgileSoft's DataLink API into their platform, providing easy access to hard drive health data.
  • The Predictive Analytics platform was able to predict hard drive failures in advance, allowing AquaDoor to take preventive measures and improve the customer experience.
  • The API ensured data privacy and security, which was a crucial requirement for AquaDoor.
  • As a result of the successful implementation, AquaDoor has reported increased customer satisfaction and a reduction in warranty claims.