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The client was looking for an automated & centralized application for their business operations. The traditional banking system they were using caused them slow performance which has also impacted the admin to keep track of all the windows services at individual level.

Client Overview

The client is a leading US-based multinational banking and financial service provider. They serve corporates and institutions with their investment banking and wealth management services to give their customers a best-in-class experience.


The application is an impeccable solution that works as a link between windows services and job processing by an administrator. The main motive of the application is to provide the administrator with an efficient and fast user interface that can create windows service & manage it at the individual server level and at centralized level.


After implementing the solutions provided by Agile Soft Solutions the bank experienced immense growth in its business. Their business operations speed up with the greater pace which results in enhancing their ROI by 300%.

Project Details

Challenges They were Facing!

Business Challenge

The main goal of the client is to centralize their operations running on the individual windows server for better handling and management of critical business function jobs.

  • They were using an outdated back office banking system from a third party that needed a lot of human intervention across several Windows servers.
  • Without a user interface, they used scripts to initialize services, set up identity accounts to run services, and set up parameters for services.
  • The whole system was making their processes slow and this was affecting the ROI of the business as well.
Technical Challenge

Before we implemented our solution over the client infrastructure they were already using a traditional system provided by a third party.

  • By using that system the administrator was creating the jobs to process different business operations manually.
  • The VC++ application that was already in use for putting up jobs had extremely simple capabilities and a user interface.
  • The information in the SQL Server database was used to synchronize all the services and jobs that were currently in use.

What We Delivered!

At AgileSoft Systems, we proposed to the client an application that ensures automation of their business operations and the application can be accessed with the help of a desktop application as well as a web application. The present Windows service workflow, jobs processing, and service parameters were identified by our team of specialists. The application solution we offered uses WPF-XBAP Microsoft technology to be operated on individual and central windows servers to streamline the process of managing services and jobs operating on various windows servers. In addition, there will be a single codebase for maintaining both access points.

Running scenarios of solutions delivered

Scenario 1: Running a new application on an individual server

The application empowers the administrator to run a new job on the individual server. The admin will get the WPF rich user having different features including:

  • Service Name Creation
  • Identity setup for the service account
  • various parameters for services like start & stop service

The interface will also display the job status in real-time with the proper message and notify the error of the administrator. The admin can access all the services created on the server along with their details and status.

Scenario 2: Running the new application on the central server

The application helps the administrator to manage all the windows services and different jobs processed on the server at a centralized location. The admin can see all the jobs along with their details such as status in real time that are currently running on the individual servers. It helped the administrator to manage, monitor, and take necessary actions for all the windows services installed on the individual windows server. As per the requirement, the bank can also host the application on IIS 7.5 to have access over internet explorer.

Technology Stack: WPF, C#.Net, Xaml, LINQ, Windows Services, SQL Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2008 R2, IIS.


With the help of a new application deployed on the client side, we have helped them to improve the following areas:

  • Provided administrative a centralized place to manage and monitor all the windows servers and jobs processing on them.
  • Provided administrators with an interactive and performance-packed interface to create and manage windows services at the individual server level.
  • Reporting time for any job failure reduced and immediate mail triggered to the administrator with error details.
  • Better error handling is provided in the application to get notified quickly for any quick business action.
  • Troubleshooting time is reduced as all details for specific services and the job can be found in one console.
  • Option provided for applications to be accessed through the Web using Internet Explorer.