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A multinational banking and financial services client who provide investment banking, wealth management services. They offer financial products and services for corporate and institutions.


They were using third party legacy back office banking solution which required intensive manual intervention on multiple windows servers. They were using scripts for initial service setup, identity account setup to run service, parameter setup for services and all this without any user interface.
Also service administrators had to create various jobs to process different business functions, parameters setup of jobs. The existing application in VC++ was very basic w.r.t functionality and user interface for setting up jobs. All the services and running jobs were synchronized with each through their details in SQL Server database.
Client wanted to centralize these operations which were running on individual windows servers for better management and handling of critical business function jobs.
Application technology stack of third party software : VC++, MFC, C#.Net, VBScript, SQL Server, Windows 2008 R2.


Our team of experts identified the existing workflow of windows service, jobs processing, parameters for services. For simplifying the process of handling services and jobs running on different windows servers, we provided an application solution using WPF-XBAP Microsoft technology to be run on individual and central windows server. The main feature of the proposed application is that it can be accessed through both desktop client & Web, also there will be single codebase for maintaining both the access points.
Scenario 1 : Running new application on individual server –
This application will provide WPF rich user interface to administrator with details about service for creation like service name, identity setup for service account, various parameters for service, start & stop service. It will also display the jobs status which were run by current individual server and will provide proper messages, errors to administrator. Also it shows all the services created on server, their status and other details.–
Scenario 2 : Running new application on central server for managing all windows services and jobs being processed by services –
This option require custom deployment steps of application for central windows 2008 R2 server. This is specifically designed for Administrator to manage all windows services installed on individual windows server. It will show all the jobs, their status which have been run or currently in running status on all the individual server. Administrator can monitor all status and take necessary business action. Also there is an option to send automated mail to assigned administrator whenever there is any error in jobs processing or error with a service.
There is also an option to host application in IIS 7.5 and access it using Internet Explorer.
Technology Stack: WPF, C#.Net, Xaml, LINQ, Windows Services, SQL Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2008 R2, IIS.


With new application for individual & centralized Windows server, we have improved: