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We have a US based leading ePublishing client, pioneer on facilitating the digital content for worldwide publishers. They provide outstanding technology and support services to various publishers in this domain.


The mobile app development taking enormous time due to its current architecture which used to require redundant development efforts to create the app. This has made mobile app more prone to errors and difficult to scale & maintain. Also it increases the development cost and time to reach market for app.


Analyzing the client mobile architecture and workflow, we created a single platform for both iOS and Android. We followed the MVC design pattern to segregate business logic and user interface. For removing redundant development efforts, we used JSON configuration to configure features of mobile app easily as per the business requirement. For updating the mobile app content from Atom store, we created a REST API layer.
We also introduced an offline support to mobile app using SQLLite local storage. Also we enriched the platform by embedding it with Flurry, Google Analytics & push notification service.

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