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Our US based Client provides cutting edge digital publishing solutions to the academic, medical and scholarly community. The Client is the premier, independent, technology partner to over 145 influential academic, medical, scholarly societies, and other independent publishers. The Client shares ideas and innovations in online publishing, producing thousands of high-impact, peer-reviewed journals, books, reference works, and other scholarly content. The Client needed to scale and automate the Functional QA testing for ~1,500 web portals.


Agile Soft System was tasked to automate and scale the QA effort for a strategic project in short period time, by automation testing.


The following were identified as some key business challenges for the QA/Testing:

  • The Client web sites (apps) had huge variability
  • The base platform was continuously being developed, with monthly release cycle
  • The content modeling of various portals varied significantly, presenting automation challenges
  • The QA effort has to be strictly within scheduled the overall project plan


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Agile Soft Systems carefully preformed requirement analysis and formulated automation strategy. It was decided to batch the various sites on the following models:

  • Feature Set
  • Content (data model)
  • Customizations

With these filters, the sites were broken down in two large groups of ~900 & ~600 sites. Thereafter, they were each sub grouped in 5 distinct groups. Filtering with the above models, Agile Soft System’s Test Architect built the 5th group in each set comprising of the highly custom sites (the outliers). This group was allocated for most functional testing to balance the testing effort.

The automation suites were built with the following as drivers. The

  • Ongoing maintenance
  • Object selection for variability
  • Broad test coverage

Objects were carefully selected so that the variability will be minimal and also the test coverage will be as broad as possible.

Agile Soft Systems provided a focused, highly skilled that planned, wrote, executed and maintained automation test cases that could be scaled to an extremely high degree. Agile Soft Systems provided an experienced Automation Architect and a test team of skilled Quality Engineers that were ready to begin testing the product as soon as the first alpha release was made available.

To fulfill the Client’s need of keeping the overall cost low with low maintenance, Agile Soft Systems kept maintenance focus in the beginning of development of automation. That is like ‘keeping the end in mind’.

Agile Soft Systems provided to the point, laser focused, Quality Assurance process, technical support, and testing environments, which made it possible for the Client to focus on their development efforts.

Agile Soft Systems provided the complete QA team for this project.

For this high-growth web services company, Agile Soft Systems fielded a qualified, capable QA Engineering staff on short order. The Agile Soft Systems team was well versed in the Agile operational concepts of quick, short-term turnaround without disturbing long-term system stability. The AGS QA has mastered the Agile (Scrum) methodology.


Value to Customer

  • Scalable automation was provided to the Client for great cost savings.
  • Regression testing cycle was cut down due to automation of QA cycle.
  • The overall reaction time (QA feedback time) was shortened due to automated testing. That helpedwith managing the project schedule for Client satisfaction. sting methodologies.

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