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Agile Soft Systems is the premier destination for successfully outsourcing all application testing in global payments services companies. We have created a world class test center of excellence.


Our Client, a well-known reinsurance company, engaged to improve the testing processes and to develop a test center with integrating with different IT systems.
Agile Soft Systems offers QA consulting and software testing services tailored to help the BFSI (Banking Financial Service and Insurance) industry overcome challenges and constraints they face in adopting the latest technologies and dealing with legacy applications. With experts specialized in wealth management application testing design, development, and implementation, our BFSI testing team assists clients in streamlining their internal processes leading to enhanced productivity and improved customer services.
Agile Soft Systems has in-depth proficiency in tools, expertise in latest technologies, awareness of BFSI dynamics, and rich repository of reusable test cases that assures Clients of low-cost banking application testing services, robust QA consulting, effective resource optimization, and on-time delivery with security testing for Mobile banking software, Money transfer applications and Payment Gateway Applications.


The retail banking transformation is a new challenge in achieving high business performance. In this dynamic environment, banks are at risk of being unable to meet future business needs due to the complexity driven by outdated technology platforms, inappropriate procedures and duplicate business processes.
Banking application engine for Standard Architecture, is one of the most successful core banking solutions for Community Cloud Banking services with our client. More than 20 regional banks for their mission critical core banking. Based on the expertise and experiences Agile soft plans to offer this core banking services to local banks located outside of our client’s area.

Value to Customer

AgileSoft Acknowledged leadership in testing services extends to the Banking and financing environment, spanning all key areas, and acknowledging the unique requirements of BFSI applications. Starting as early as possible, we put BFSI applications through a testing process that quickly identifies performance issues under a variety of environments and conditions. We simulate real users using hundreds of virtual users, and generate accurate, measurable, and repeatable loads on the system from a single point of control. By placing load generator machines at multiple geographical locations, we more closely model real-world conditions and are able to pinpoint functional and security bottlenecks. We also support banking domain with performance benchmarking.