Web Development – Social


A Hongkong based company came up with an Idea of building a product like LinkedIn for the people of a specific segment which is Hospitality.  The product/Web based portal gives flexibility for the people to collaborate, communicate and coordinate with other people from the same segment/vertical.  


  • Web based portal like LinkedIn where people can update profile, work experiences, Achievements, Seek recommendation from peers/co-workers, Share the news/post from friends , can see the Job posting based on the criteria and can have a group / one to one chat with friends and other people of the community.
  • Performance of the portal to be very fast.  The page should take less than 5sec to load completely.
  • Migration of the data from old version to the new version without affecting any of the functionality and breaking anything on the production.
  • New jobs to be fetched and displayed on regular basis.


The product was developed in Drupal with below features,

  • Designed / Followed Agile methodology to provide complete features.
  • Created a Web based portal where people can collaborate by growing connections and sharing post with friends and with everyone, communicate through Messages, seek recommendations from the peer/co-workers, importing profile from other social medias.
  • Followed coding standard so that core of the system is intact and is not overridden so decrease the performance and use the default functionality to its best.
  • Implemented CDN to load the images faster and increase the performance of the system.
  • Implemented caching for DB and pages so that the performance of the Web based portal can be increased.
  • Provided multilingual support for the Web based portal.

Value to Customer

  • Created & implemented process for development and production release which gave bug free release.
  • Reliable and scalable system.
  • Increased performance of the web based portal.
  • Migration of old data to new system.
  • Automated test cases through Selenium webdriver to run the regression.
  • Daily performance testing to check stress and load testing on the production environment.

Tags: CMS, Social, Web Development