Web Development – Social


The client was looking for a product like LinkedIn for the people of a specific segment which is Hospitality.

Client Overview

The client was a HongKong based company that was working to help the hospitality area to stay connected at a specific platform.


At AgileSoft, we created a Web-based solution having exclusive features such as share posts, send connection requests, chat or call and more.


The solution provided by us gives flexibility to the people to collaborate, communicate and coordinate with other people from the same segment/vertical.

Project Details

Challenges They were Facing!

  • Web-based portal like LinkedIn where people can update their profile, work experiences, and Achievements, Seek recommendations from peers/co-workers, Share the news/post from friends, can see the Job posting based on the criteria, and can have a group/one-to-one chat with friends and other people of the community.
  • Performance of the portal to be very fast. The page should take less than 5 sec to load completely
  • Migration of the data from the old version to the new version without affecting any of the functionality and breaking anything on the production.
  • New jobs are to be fetched and displayed on a regular basis.

What We Delivered!

  • Designed / Followed Agile methodology to provide complete features.
  • Created a Web-based portal where people can collaborate by growing connections and sharing the post with friends and with everyone, communicate through Messages, seek recommendations from peers/co-workers, importing profiles from other social media.
  • Followed coding standards so that the core of the system is intact and is not overridden so decrease the performance and use the default functionality to its best.
  • Implemented CDN to load the images faster and increase the performance of the system.
  • Implemented caching for DB and pages so that the performance of the Web-based portal can be increased.
  • Provided multilingual support for the Web-based portal.


  • Created & implemented processes for development and production release which gave bug-free release.
  • Reliable and scalable system.
  • Increased performance of the web-based portal.
  • Migration of old data to the new system.
  • Automated test cases through Selenium web driver to run the regression.
  • Daily performance testing to check stress and load testing on the production environment.