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Custom healthcare management systems are developed by the professionals at Agile Soft Systems. Our solutions are created with the patient's privacy, security, and health data integrity in mind. Our healthcare management systems can meet all of the requirements for internal processes, administrative chores, and digital data management for healthcare personnel.
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    Our Services

    We are specialists in creating apps for bioinformatics, customized medicine, and healthcare. Our gifted programmers have a wealth of experience creating numerous platforms and integrating intricate systems.

    Custom Healthcare Software Development

    We offer a comprehensive range of product engineering services, including custom health tech solution development from scratch, add-on development, and prototyping. Our expert staff creates extremely useful items that adhere to national and industry standards.

    Integration With Third-Party Systems

    Our specialists can integrate custom software with third-party solutions, including HRM software, fitness apps, ERPs, and insurance databases for healthcare. Any third-party solution can be integrated using the microservices approach and connected to the system as a microservice via the APIs.

    Secure Data Storage

    Only well-known hosting servers that offer a GDPR/HIPAA-compliant basis are used by our software engineers. We select Microsoft Azure, Truevault, Amazon Web Services, and other dependable cloud-hosting server providers for healthcare solutions.

    Medical Big Data And Analytics

    Healthcare firms may improve business operations, financial results, and patient care with the use of data analysis and insights. We create tools that make it simple to get data, process it, and present it in a comprehensible way.

    Key Benefits

    At Agile Soft Systems Inc, we create specialized healthtech solutions for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. We have the expertise and experience to develop a product that your customers will enjoy after more than ten years of producing sophisticated healthtech product solutions, which include web platforms, mobile apps, and data science solutions.

    Reduced Cost

    We can create solutions that automate medical procedures and thereby lower costs by managing administrative and invoicing processes thanks to our in-depth and explicit understanding of custom healthcare application development. Additionally, having software for gathering, storing, and analyzing all the data enables staff to see the broad picture and take informed decisions, reducing the likelihood of resource wastage.

    Increased Revenue

    Our expertly designed solution stands out from competitors because of its top-notch BI, flawless UI, ideal healthcare web application development, and security testing. Our software assists healthcare facilities in streamlining their processes so they can better care for more patients with fewer resources, boosting income.

    Improved Service

    We assist you in implementing cutting-edge techniques like real-time telemedicine, remote patient monitoring, wearable health trackers, prescription intake reminders, and arranging medical appointments. Each of them makes it easier for patients to communicate with your medical center, which raises the standard of service.

    Automated Administrative Tasks

    Reduce the amount of time spent on paperwork by using our custom healthcare app development services. Numerous healthcare organizations all over the world use our solutions to streamline their operations and concentrate on patients rather than menial administrative work. When medical staff members do what they love and patients get all the attention, patient-centered healthcare becomes a reality.

    Why Hire Healthtech Software Developers from Agile Soft Systems Inc

    We know how to speed up the development of your project, reduce the cost of developing your solution, and guarantee that your app has features that give customers a wonderful experience.

    50+ Healthtech Projects

    We have delivered 50+ Healthtech projects in the US and all over the globe to date.

    Focus On Security

    We are aware of how crucial data security is to the healthcare sector. We have a wealth of experience providing the most secure individualized healthcare services and solutions while adhering to all current industry compliances.

    New Digital Technologies

    With the aid of our top-notch medical software development services, we can assist you in enhancing your service, preventing fraud and failures in prevention, and providing more effective care by integrating data management, performance management, and digital engagement.

    Collaboration Flexibility

    We are prepared to embark on your digital project and start providing quick, specialized medical solutions immediately. If additional investigation is required, we can assist you in determining all the technical and business requirements.

    Transparent Projects

    Our team communicates with customers daily. This enables us to monitor and offer guidance at each stage of the creation of our medical software. We use Agile approaches for quick and high-quality development.

    Improved Operations

    Digital tools can help people live healthier lives, provide more effective connections and healthcare services, and improve communication between service providers and clients.
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    To handle data, scheduling, and activities, hospitals, medical offices, and healthcare providers use it. It strives to improve efficiency, ensure optimization, and streamline routine tasks all while improving the patient experience as a whole.
    The five most cutting-edge features that can help a healthcare application achieve enormous success and popularity are described below. View the similar below:
    • Add your content…Engaging UX/UI Design Features
    • Healthcare Data Security
    • Live Video Consultation with the Specialists
    • Health Activity Tracking
    • Symptoms checking feature
    A straightforward but well-thought-out application can cost between $50,000 and $80,000 to create. The creation of more complicated applications for many platforms might cost between $80,000 and $120,000.


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