Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

The time is ripe for freeing up employees for more skilled roles by delegating repeatable and predictable processes to software.
Software robots are the key to massively improve efficiencies while putting the best resources for cutting edge innovation.

Agile Soft Systems will review your existing processes to guide you to automate using Software Robots.


Focus on ROI

We will work with you to build a practical business case(s) for RPA.  We will uncover the most lucrative processes as RPA candidates to ensure the RPA has effective roi.


Fast Implementation

We believe in executing swift pilots (weeks instead of months) to confirm the outcomes. Once the outcomes are confirmed, we then scale the pilots to implement faster. This guarantees speedier success; even failures are identified faster!

Proof of Value

We work with you to build a solid business case for RPA.  We use the best practices and automation operations diagnostics to identify target processes that will deliver RPA payback in the shortest term.

Manage Your Robots

As you adopt RPA, you need to monitor and supervise your robot workforce just as you do with your actual employees. We will ensure you have the tools and practices needed to optimize the performance of your new virtual workers.