Agile Soft Systems endeavors to provide the best possible and highest quality of QA consulting and independent software testing services to its partners based on domain, technology and business solutions.

We are committed to ideate, innovate, and implement latest technology, solutions, and strategy that enhance benefits of outsourcing software product testing objective, minimize risks, and maximize resourcefulness of our partners.
Our business objective is driven by shared growth, where we see the success of clients and end-user experience of their customers as key to our continued leadership position in the software testing market.

With a focus on providing the best possible solutions for clients across all domains, Agile Soft Systems provides independent testing services and QA consulting through dedicated offshore teams and onsite experts.
Our proficiency in software product testing and QA services helps in building strong practices and improve the delivery process to the advantage of clients.

Our Services :

Component & Unit TestingFunctional TestingERP TestingMobile TestingPerformance TestingGUI and Usability TestingAutomation TestingSecurity Testing

Effective component testing by Agile Soft Systems experienced software product testing experts at our lab makes sure each and every component of the software is tested for its quality, performance, and security and the application works to its full potential and bug free in the real environment.

Business Benefits

  • Precise and accurate test scenarios writing that guarantees replication of exact function each unit intended to perform.
  • QA and quality tracking both at individual unit and integration level during the software testing process.
  • Focus on bug identification and modification considering the overall function and individual role in artificial and real environment.
  • Integrated software testing and tracking of units found with potential liability to check their smooth functioning.

Agile Soft Systems functional testing services assure the software product quality and make sure its efficient functioning must not be restricted because of present and future risks. Our competency in usability testing and quality assurance guarantees that the client application is tested against given and foreseeable objectives and satisfies all parameters.

Business Benefits

  • Confirms that all code modules work as specified.
  • Ensures system as a whole performs adequately on the given platform.
  • Evaluates compliance with specified client requirements.
  • Determines if the change request does not affect the overall application development objectives.

unexpectedly impact other records or overall performance. When updates are released, even for simple customization, you must thoroughly test all business processes, not just where the change occurred. 

We identify test cases and exhaustively test the areas that are being customized in order to facilitate functionality in production.

Business Benefits

  • Data mapping
  • Business process tests
  • Access control systems
  • Regression testing

Agile Soft Systems offers world class mobile testing services to ensure that efficient testing is performed on various mobile devices, version and platforms to comply with strict quality standards from Apple and Android. At Agile Soft Systems, we follow Apple’s iOS Human Interface Guidelines for testing the usability of iOS mobile apps.

For mobile testing, we offer:

  • A complete system breakdown, detailing your system’s structure and how we plan to test it.
  • End to end testing of the back end, middle ware and front end apps (native & web) that are part of the mobile eco system.
  • A comprehensive defect report exhibits the details about each bug, its severity, location, mobile platform it was found on and much more.
  • On-going support is provided from a Agile Soft System senior test specialist to improve quality and foster continuous improvement.

Our Mobile Test Engineers have years of experience working with Apple’s iTunes Connect portal  & Google Play store to meet the compliance requirements of Apple & Google.

Agile Soft Systems performance testing services help companies to evaluate the performance of components within a particular system. The scope includes volume testing, capacity testing, load testing, stress testing, endurance testing, scalability testing and reliability testing.

We offer a complete solution for performance testing, from detection and analysis through to corrective action. With a comprehensive knowledge base and infrastructure, our performance testing services can save you up to 25% of the development effort.

We use open source tools such as Apache Jmeter for building scalable performance testing suites. We also work with numerous commercial tools like Jprofiler and  other scripting languages to build customized performance test suites.

GUI software testing is the process of testing a product that uses a graphical user interface, to ensure it meets its written specifications. This is normally done through the use of a variety of test cases.

Usability testing measures the usability, or ease of use, of a specific object or set of objects, whereas general human-computer interaction studies attempt to formulate universal principles.

Business Benefits

  • Covers application areas that didn’t have unit test.
  • Detects differences in behavior between platforms.
  • Finds memory/resource leaks.
  • Finds regression errors.

Agile Soft Systems has successfully completed numerous Test Automation projects, and can assist in automating your test projects at various stages. We primarily use open source tools like Selenium, Appium, Sikuli  and Behat to build automation suites. In addition, we use scripting languages to build end to end systems for automating the work flow for testing.

We have deep expertise in Selenium and use headless browsers in a continuous development setting. We integrate Selenium and Behat (BDD testing) with Jenkins continuous build integration suites for true automated systems.

We also have deep expertise in automating anything you see on screen using the image recognition method to identify GUI elements through Sikuli.

Our custom designed test harness system, helps the Developers get immediate feedback on the quality of their code and saves a lot of development time from re-iterations.

Agile Soft System’s security and penetration testing services verify that the system’s information data is protected and that the intended functionality is maintained. Some of the deliverable of Agile Soft System’s Security Testing Services are:

  • A complete system breakdown, detailing your system’s structure and our plan for testing.
  • A comprehensive defect report exhibits the details about any security weaknesses, each bug, its severity, location and much more.
  • On-going support is provided from a Agile Soft System’s senior test specialist to improve quality and foster continuous improvement.