Oracle Application Testing Suite

In today’s fast world the rate of adoption of new technologies it is difficult to keep pace with upgrades, and the ever increasing complexity of new platforms. It’s also a nightmare when it comes to matching customer usage pattern which brings further challenges to QA.
In such a challenging environment, testing challenges are plenty – operating systems, their versions, across devices and device models, and the inevitable networks. This begins the journey for a tester’s nightmare- formulating test scenarios, understanding prioritization based on usage patterns, how to optimize the test scenarios, which helps to push for implementation of creating test data volume and variety.
Today’s quality assurance involves management and integration of people right from functional engineers to the automation engineers to work towards bringing stability to product features.

This is where Oracle’s Application Testing Suite, often called “OATS”, includes components right from Functional testing suite to Load testing suite to the Test manager and together helps streamline the testing process and reduces overheads expenses in terms of money and people involved.

Each component of the Oracle application testing suite helps streamline your QA process:

The Oracle Functional Testing Suite contains the oracle flow builder & the EBs pre-built test Content. Together they provide a broad coverage to help jumpstart the testing. The USP here is its scalability, reusability, and customization. Together they help in the functional and regression testing of products. The Flow builder reduces the effort and expertise needed to create and maintain automated test scripts for EBS customers specifically, which can be a huge relief and brings greater streamlining in their testing process. The generated scripts from flow Builder aid testers in simplifying the testing process, they need to know just common application functions rather than complex scripting language, thereby improving productivity with wider coverage and reduces maintenance overheads in the long run.

The Load Testing Functionality helps eliminate human intervention and provides for enhanced and simulated production level loads and identifying performance bottlenecks.

The Oracle Test Manager provides for both manual as well as automated testing. It presents greater visibility and repeatability, bringing a more coherent structure to the testing process and helps enhanced defect tracking.

The Oracle Application Testing Suite offers great capabilities and value to the QA process complexity by:
  • Using a shared usable repository
  • Intuitive UI and interface
  • Flexibility across technologies
While enabling greater ROI by:
  • Quickly identifying issues thereby reducing testing cycles and decreasing the time to deliver
  • Enhances QA productivity by providing wider test scenario coverage
  • Speedier implementation with its comprehensive end-to-end testing

In a nutshell, effective use of the Oracle Application Testing Suite enhances and streamlines the testing process thereby increasing QA productivity with significant improvements in ROIs.