Big Data – Retail


The client was facing difficulty in having a single view of business as his retail had data marts spread worldwide.

Client Overview

The client was a large European retailer working as the best merchandiser for wholesalers and bringing all the goods under one roof.


Agile Soft Solutions provided the solution that helps the client to see the real-time view of their business across the world.


The solution provided by Agile Soft helped the client to get the optimized view of data marts present in different demographics in one place.

Project Details

Challenges They were Facing!

As the client was a leading retailer, they were facing issues in handling their different stores at different places in the world. Here are the expectations of the client from the solution requested:

  • Enhance store performance by having a deeper comprehension of the factors that influence each store's potential.
  • Ingest new multi-structured data sources, such as clickstream and transaction logs.
  • Inventory planning as a component of a retail ordering system.
  • Analytics software that enables speedy report generation from multiple sources.
  • Improve consumer multi-channel shopping habits.

What We Delivered!

We at AgileSoft Systems analyze the client's requirements deeply and come up with a solution that not only provides them with a single view of all their business locations but also ensures to enhance business productivity & ROI

  • Lower total cost of ownership because of single platform
  • Increased processing speed
  • Real­time view of business
  • Increased store performance to baseline.
  • Optimized product assortment mix to store demographics.
  • Facilitates effective customer centric marketing.

Here are the key features of the solution:

Lambda Architecture with Hadoop and HBase

  • A single view of the business by mapping all diverse data to a single structure
  • Data capture using Apache Kafka
  • Added semi structured sources like transaction logs, and clickstream data to analyze with existing data
  • Scalable, Fault-­tolerant architecture
  • Reduced ETL time

Market Basket Analysis

  • When an item goes on sale, let retailers know about adjacent products that benefit from a sales increase as well.

Real-time Store Performance

  • Implemented real time dashboards using HBase to understand the performance of region/country/store

Pattern/Behavioral Analysis

  • Analysis of clickstream data and uncommitted transaction log data to improve customer retention program, marketing/promotion program

Inventory Forecasting

  • Forecasting products in a 24 hours cycle instead of the weekly cycle.


  • Reduced the managing cost of the client via a centralized platform to monitor all the stores.
  • Increased processing speed
  • Real Time view of business
  • Increased store performance to baseline.
  • Optimized product assortment mix to store demographics.
  • Facilitates effective customer-centric marketing.