FIS – IntelliMatch Reconciliation Revolution

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Product Suite:

IntelliMatch Operational Control helps financial institutions deploy enterprise matching and reconciliation solutions that can promote business growth through rapid on-boarding of new reconciliations, consolidation of infrastructure and processes, and optimization of processes for greater cost-savings and business efficiency. This appplication reduces the time required to perform matching and increases the number of items matched without user intervention. Users can devote their time to researching and resolving unmatched items, for more accurate and timely reconciliations.

This application can provide a complete end to end reconciliation service:

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The intelliMatch core application has three main modules:

intelliMatch : The main module, which you use to match items, reconcile accounts, and perform research and resolution
Recollector : The data collection module, which you use to gather, format, and manage data in the intelliMatch database
Admin : The administrative module, which you use to manage user security and control the job schedule

Type of Recon being handled by the application:

1. General Ledger Reconciliation : monthly.
2. ATM and Card Reconciliation In particular, the solution will help banks to:
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Worked on the over all development of the application modules, new enhancements for core modules in intelliMATCH.
Application server enhancements, Recollector module enhancements & bug fixes, New RecAdmin solution, Automated Build through Tfs,Installshield development, Client side issues, Enhancement in reports, Database issue fixes.