Improving Quality Control for High-Growth Publication Company

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Case Study at a Glance:

  • Industry: Publication
  • Company: Under NDA
  • Company Size: 100+ employees
  • Site: Under NDA


The client, a major player in the Publication industry, had requested improvements to their existing platform to enhance the customer experience. As part of this effort, the client needed standardization for the QA process with the technology they were using.
The client also required that the QA effort be completed within the scheduled overall project development plan. Additionally, the client needed unique improvements and support for additional types of reference citation styles, improvements in different development methodologies before the formal sign-off, and improvements to the existing QA system by automated monitoring jobs.
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The Ask

The client requested a deft team that could write and execute test cases and consult the client on areas that needed more focus. They needed additional QA resources to manage a large test effort for major product enhancements. The client required a point, laser-focused QA process, technical support, and testing environments that could make it possible for the client to focus on their development efforts.

Key Parameters for System Improvements

Agile Soft Systems, the chosen technology partner , was tasked with implementing the following system improvements:
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Our Solution-min

Our Solution

Our Solution Agile Soft Systems provided an experienced QA Project Manager coupled with a QA test team of highly skilled Quality Engineers that were ready to begin testing immediately. The testing scope was strategically limited for some modules. These modules had features and notifications that had default settings and site-specific configuration options. The QA team customized the configuration options where different individuals received notifications. Verification was done for all the notifications sent as a result of different testing modules.


Agile Soft Systems fielded a qualified, capable QA Engineering staff on short order. The AGS QA team was well versed in the Agile operational concepts of quick, short-term turnaround without disturbing long-term system stability. The AGS QA team mastered the Agile (Scrum) methodology. The design template incorporated improvements to publication menus, footer, branding zones, and other links. These improvements to the framework needed new development and detailed testing.
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The development had better control over the system as the QA team provided a high level of partnership to identify defects and pitfalls. Notification helped track end-user engagement, providing key insight to the business unit. Testing by module (creation/control) monitors provided scale in building/management. Support for module notifications was verified using new testing methodologies.
Agile Soft Systems successfully delivered a comprehensive solution that met the client’s requirements for system improvements. The solution not only improved the customer experience but also gave the client better control over their system, leading to increased efficiency and productivity.