Web Development – Publication

The client was facing issues because of their old manual monitoring system that was not scalable. There was no support for crashing, due to the system being very slow.
Client Overview
The client was a California-based publication house that provides the publishers high-level flexibility to publish their journals for their audience.

At AgileSoft, we provided a solution with an architecture having an n-tier system with three different applications to ease communication through the Spring Boot Framework, providing the necessary infrastructure.

The client saves huge hardware costs, and the new technology reduces the overall development time. This results in enhanced productivity and ROI.

Project Overview

Challenges They were Facing!

The client system was designed to integrate easily with lower administrative costs and reduce the time from submission to publication. The existing system was developed using old stacks of technologies that were not scalable. Also, the system required regular human interventions in manually monitoring the system for breakdown. The whole production infrastructure required a large number of dedicated servers (Solaris) and Databases(Sybase). The technology used for the development of workflow was outdated, and there was no more support for those technologies.

What We Deliver!

With the client we decided to architect an n-tier system with three application layers that communicate through the Spring Boot Framework, providing the necessary infrastructure. Using MySQL database to ultimately store the data.